Download StreamPULSE Data

(small batches)

*NOTE* StreamPULSE has outgrown its database, so even small downloads can take a long time. Please select just one or a few sites using this tool. Downloads requiring more than 30 minutes will time out.

Until this is resolved, you may find it easier to download StreamPULSE data in bulk and subset it to your needs.

1. Select data source. This populates the dropdown menu in step 2.

    (Powell Center downloads take a long time!)

2. Choose site(s) and date range.

Note: these data can also be acquired via the StreamPULSE package for R.

3. Sensor variables to include:

4. Sensor data formatting:

Temporal aggregation:

Data format:  

5. Reach characterization datasets to include, if available:

Canopy (tree height, distance to bank, etc.)
Cross Sections (width, depth, velocity, etc.)
Geomorphology (bank height, channel type, etc.)
Substrate (grain size, etc.)
Include synoptic survey data for each checked category above.

6. Additional options:

Include flags (Questionable, Interesting, etc.) and user comments for sensor data.
Only available with 15-min temporal aggregation and long data format.

Include time series of local discharge and depth from USGS, if available.
(not necessary for core sites or Powell Center sites).
Note: querying the USGS server can take a while for long time series.

Include grab data (manually collected time-series data) if available.
These will be contained in separate CSV files for each site.

Email (optional):
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